The Beginning - Wind Chime House

We bought a 1965 Mid Century Modern House. 

Midcentury before and after.jpg

When we were searching for our forever home, we had a wish list a mile long of everything we wanted in a dream home.  We searched and searched for houses.  We put in several offers on houses we thought would be a good fit, but in the end, none of them worked out. As we searched the MLS listings every day for months, we found this one house that was out of our budget, but we liked the character it had.  Because it was not in our price range, we saved it with the hopes that it would come down in price. The trend of the housing market in 2018 looked something like this:  If a house was listed on the MLS, the house would go under contract within a week, if not days after it was listed. It was an act fast or lose out kind of market. You also had to make sure your offer was higher than anybody else’s offer, which usually meant you were offering anywhere from $15K to $30K above asking price.  Every time we would look on the MLS for new houses, this house was still available.  After being on the market for two months, we figured we could at least go look at it and see why nobody was buying it.  We figured it either needed a ton of work or the price was ridiculously high for the neighborhood, or both. 

When we first went into the house, we were hit with the smell of cat urine.  YUCK!  The house was old and needed a lot of TLC inside and out, but the character of the house was on point and everything we were looking for.  As we walked through the house, we were able to check off every single item on our wish list, minus the cat smell.  To top it all off, it had an indoor atrium with live trees growing INSIDE the house!!  In today’s day and age, what kind of house has that type of character?

After we looked at the house, we decided to put in an offer. After countering back and forth for a couple of months, we bought the house. Not just any old house, but a house of our dreams that we are excited to fix up and make our own.  We want to share the journey of this old house as we turn it into our dream home. The following pictures are the listing photos before we bought the house. Stay tuned for progress in future weeks.


An indoor Atrium

Although you cannot smell it, the cats used this area as their litter box and it smelled horrible throughout the whole house.


Large living area

What we love: Large windows to view the beautiful nature and birds outside.


Open Concept Kitchen, Dining, and Living

What we love: The fireplace, kitchen, and angles that the vaulted ceiling creates.


Large Kitchen Island

Kitchen comes fully equipped with two sinks, two stoves, and TONS of cabinets.


Upstairs Bathroom




Open Concept Kitchen, Dining, and Living

Another angle of dining, fireplace, and living room.


Large Bedroom With A Lot of Light

Custom windows and very spacious room is what we fell in love with in this space.


Downstairs Bathroom