The Wind Chime House


The best rooms also have something to say about the people who live in them
— David Hicks

Being on this side of the design and construction process has been very good for me as an architect. I’ve been able to step into the client’s shoes and see the process from the clients perspective. I’ve been able to feel the stress as well as the excitement that comes with remodeling. It truly has opened up my eyes to see where I can improve the design process, how I can be a better architect, and it’s made me appreciate a lot of things.

  1. It’s made me appreciate all the trade professionals that truly are masters of their crafts. As I’ve taken on a lot of the work myself on this project I can testify how hard it is to be a trades professional. My hat goes off to you!

  2. I’ve learned the importance of having the right tools for the job!

  3. It’s also helped me more fully understand the importance of a skilled designer when picking cohesive finishes. The final finishes are sooo important and the costs vary sooo widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. I’m not going to lie. It’s been difficult to identify exactly what we want and still stay within budget. But here is what we’re hoping to achieve…





The living room upstairs and downstairs are very long. (If you missed the layout of the house, click here to see it.) We plan on adding a large, comfy sectional to the space to maximize the number of people we can fit in the space. We also want to add in a chunky, geometric shaped coffee table. We like the idea of the coffee table serving two purposes—-as a design element, but also as storage for blankets. We like the look of this coffee table, but hope to find something that serves both purposes. We absolutely love the colors forest green or cognac leather and how it brings warmth to the space. We plan on removing the peach carpet and replacing it with solid oak flooring. We plan on adding a Jute rug or a scandinavian shag rug. To bring in the natural wood elements, we plan on adding some walnut side tables that have a mid century modern vibe to them. For decorations on the wall, we plan to add some black and white pictures. Last, but not least, we plan to bring nature into the space. The large picture-esque windows help achieve this, but we want to add more.

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