Thornton Remodel Progress

Thornton Remodel Modern Kitchen.jpg

The Thornton Remodel is coming along nicely!  What began as a compartmentalized home with walls and double fireplaces dividing the dining, kitchen, and living spaces has now been completely unified. It's amazing what removing some walls and new finishes, lighting, and paint can do for a space. If you saw the before pictures you would not recognize it as the same home. The beautiful paint colors, white oak floor, and simple elements have created a bright and comfortable home fit for a growing family. 

Entry to kitchen from foyer. Check out the beautiful floors and new trim work!

Entry foyer trim work extends on both walls. A new railing and light fixture will be added in the next couple weeks.

New matching doors and trim work. Bedrooms are awaiting carpet.

New gas fireplace and mantle with hidden tv and electronics.

Kitchen cabinets are going in. This kitchen is fit for a queen. I love the glass upper cabinets!

Simple and clean!