Saturday's Inspiration: Pendant Lighting

Throughout my career I've come to realized the importance of a well lit space. By well lit, I'm not always talking a brightly lit space, although in some areas this is necessary, in most it's not. A grocery store or office space has a very different lighting need then a home. These spaces are usually overly lit and provide a consistent even light from area to area.

 In a home I would recommend NOT evenly lighting each space, but I would recommend layering the lights.

A home is multi-functional. The use of each space is multi-functional. The lighting should adjust accordingly to each activity. Bright lights for work spaces, dimmable lights for multi-functional spaces, task lighting for areas that are used occasionally and need direct light, accent lights for art work, etc.

I believe in layering different types of lights within a space. For example, a kitchen can have a combination of lighting types. For working spaces a kitchen needs to be well lit, under cabinets or in cabinet lights help to accent decor or provide light to areas that are typically under lit, over the sink I always place an over head light, and over the bar or island I always add pendant lights.

My favorite type of light fixture are pendant lights. Due to the nature of the way they work they are highly visible and can be used to add a touch of style to any space. Pendant lights are great in space that you want to highlight, topically these spaces are conversation spaces, (ie, above the dinner table, or island). 

There's a light fixture for every type of design. Below we're highlighting some of our favorite pendant lights that are sure to enhance your home. Put any of these in your conversation spaces and they are sure to spark a conversation.


Beat Pendant

The Beat Collection by Tom Dixon is by far one of my favorite pendant lights. Shown above are the Tall, Stout, Fat, and Wide pendant fixtures. These fixture will leave you speechless! The simple brass shade comes in powder-coated matte black, matte grey or glossy white exterior finish or brushed brass exterior finish; brass or silver-plated (matte grey only) interior finish; cotton-wrapped cord.


Geometric Tri LED Pendant

The Geometric Tri Pendant packs a powerful statement in it's simple form. Lighting has come a long way since the first light bulb was invented. With LED technology, this pendant is able to produce beautiful light without any visible bulb. The sleek design comes in either black or brass. 


Goodman Pendant

Have a flare for the classics but want to take it up a notch? The Goodman Pendant is the key! I love the contrast and simplicity between the gold and white. The size of these pendants is substantial but the simplicity of the design makes them not over bearing.


Admiral Ceiling Lamp

You're not boring. Your space shouldn't be boring either. By changing out a light fixture you're sure to take your space from boring to the talk of the town. A fun pendant light fixture like this Admiral Ceiling Light is easy to install and easy on the eyes.

I don't even know what to say about this pendant light but. Wow! 


Steel Pipe Ceiling Light

Ever since I saw my first Steel Pipe light fixture I've been in love with them! What a fun way to bring a an industrial modern vibe to a space without breaking the bank. The Edison style bulbs takes it to the next level.