Saturday's Inspiration: Top 10 New Gadgets for Your Home

If there is one thing that is better than a functional and well designed home, it's having functional and well designed furniture and fixtures within the home. With other technological advancements in phones, system integration, and video, these systems are now making their way into our kitchens and bedrooms.

Here's a few of our favorite products designed to make your life easier, healthier, and safer.

No. 1 Digital Food Scale

Now I'm not a cook, as my wife can attest, but I do love food and gadgets. This sleek food scale doesn't just give you the weight of an item but breaks it down into all the necessary categories that you might need to manage your health.

I know this would come in real handy for my nephew who deals with diabetes. Instead of guessing how much sugar is in an item or spending time researching it each time. You place it on the scale, enter what it is, and presto....instant information.

No. 2 Keyless Home Entry

If you have a car with a proximity lock you will know how this works. The difference is that it works with your phone and your home. We all have our phones with us wherever we go these days. Now as you approach your home your doors sense you approaching and will manage your lock, letting you in. Also with the app you can let people into your home while you are not there, say the repair man, or guests from out of town. The app integrates and lets in those you want and blocks those you don't. Check out the video on amazon's website. It's pretty awesome. 

No. 3 Wireless Doorbell

Need to replace your doorbell? Check out this option. Wireless doorbell and chime with 52 melodies to choose from. I've never seen a good looking door bell, until now. Look at that! 

No. 4 Item Finder

Are you someone who is constantly losing you purse or your phone? Or maybe you know someone who could use these tiles. Simply place the tile on or in whatever it is that you tend to lose and with the app you will be able to relocate your item with pin point accuracy. Pretty cool.

Maybe you can even find a way to put them in your kids shoes. I know I could use the 4 years of my life back that I've spent looking for kids shoes.

No. 5 Smart Thermometer

Seems like everything integrates with your phone these days. But this sleek thermometer don't just record a temperature but give you advice based on the temperature reading. No need to even touch skin. It works with infrared sensors and scans your body for the hottest area. With the integrated app you are able to take notes upload pictures, and chart the history of any fever.

No. 6 All-in-One Home Automation

I've never seen a home security, lighting automation, intercom, and family calendar all wrapped into one, until now. Easy to install into your existing switches, you can spend one weekend adding these sleek fixtures t your home and the rest of the year spending time with family. 

No. 7 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Cleaning your house never was soo... easy. Schedule your vacuum robot and it does all the work. Vacuums your home with or without you present. Some things just make sense, and this. makes. sense.

No. 8 Wireless Speakers

Gone are the days of chords. With wifi and wireless integrated products you can now play your music from anywhere without the mess. There's a lot of options for wireless speakers these days but I love this set from B&O. Maybe it's the color, or the simplicity but I think it looks awesome.

No. 9 Air Purifier

Some appliances are are built for one purpose and and one purpose only. Usually those appliances are fairly ugly looking and can easily be an eye sore. If you need an air purifier in your home, let's make it look good. Ok.

No. 10 Video Baby Monitor

If you're a parent with a newborn, nap time is essential for both you and your baby. Nothing is more important than your babies safety especially in those crucial first months. Silence can be both a good and bad thing and without a good way of checking on them while they sleep you may end up disturbing them. With the Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor you can keep an eye on them without waking them. Control the camera from your viewer, whenever you are.